Why you are struggling with food habits let’s have a deeper insight & the way  

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Why you are struggling with food habits let’s have a deeper insight-& the way  

Today you are going for diet control for the sake of your body. And from tomorrow you are struggling to do so. In the morning you take a decision to eat good foods, and in the evening you fail. Unless you are not working in a health field you find it difficult to do so. So, why you are struggling with food habits let’s have a deeper insight. I am not denying that you don’t need food knowledge, obviously, you need it.

But even if you know some foods are good, you are consuming those so-called comfort food or highly processed foods. So, why are you struggling here?

Let’s examine your mind with food habits

Obviously you need to know what is good and bad. You know good food is important to you, want to have good foods, but struggling to do so. Mind is fraustrated and seeking comfort from foods. And those are ready in front of you to put inside the body. The body is innocent. What the body will do? You are trying to give good foods to your body, but what food you are giving to your mind? What you are thinking today, tomorrow it is going to be an action.

Ask yourself what thoughts you are giving to your mind.

Advaita Vedanta always tells actions of the gross body (physical body) are mostly actions of the subtle body. The mind is a organ of the subtle body. Today, Quantum physics studies such subtle matter. 

Does your thoughts, feeling, desire, ego etc. control the actions of the physical body? Think about it.

Let’s dive deeper-the reason you choose for the health of the physical body

You are going to take care of your physical body, but why you are going to do so?

The physical body is an instrument to perform actions, but what action is going to perform?

What is going to bring with those actions?

Does it bring some good work to the rest of the works? Or those actions are simply going to fill your personnel’s desire.

If it is only your personnel’s desire, you can also have fear and anxiety of not filling your desire. You can have some comfort foods to give some pleasure to your brain. Those are ready with you all over to give some comfort.

If you achieve your desire, it can devolve your ego, the ego will develop the next desire. The tiny ego will look around. Others are achieving more. Let’s dive in-meaningless competition, restlessness, frustration, anxiety, depression…. . I am not getting this, I am not getting that….

Worldly Desire is endless.

And you will run one after another, and be in a race for your whole life if you are unable to come out. 

Now, you tell me, if you are only thinking about fulfilling your own personal desire, then who is going to suffer if you don’t suffer? You are always feeding your ego, who is going to suffer?

A way: Why don’t you make your mind-body a divine place?

 Why can’t you take your body as a Temple, Masjid, or Church whatever you call it? Why can’t you bring some devotional input to your body as you do in the temple, Masjid, or Church? It doesn’t matter what is your religion. Religion is meant for peace and harmony, not violence. Why don’t you try to bring some good work to the rest of the world, as you do in those places?  What is your deepest tendency, your intention?  Or you are just trying to show others? Ask yourself.

Why are you looking for s small pleasure. Why don’t you pick higher reason. My, friend, if your action is right, it can bring welfare to the rest of the world even if it may be small. It can be also welfare for you. It will purify you from the inside and helps to lift you from psychological conditioning. It can help you to live with a better reason and give you strength for the battle.

It is more important what actions you are taking in your life; how well you are living than how long you are living. So, it is your choice, you are living with a good reason or living with fragile pleasures.

The essence of a Human being is not to become wrong, but in some is conditioned to be wrong.  Spirituality talks about the fundamental and is a must need at least the basic. 

Think for yourself, examine for yourself, realize for yourself, and see what you find.

Bikramjit Konwar

Author: Bikramjit Konwar


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