What is Pure Love in relationship and is not?


What is Pure Love in relationship and is not? Are you struggling to define what is pure love? Let’s have a look.

What is Pure Love in relationship and is not?

Love is not biochemical reaction that commonly perceived by the young generation. You may argue that how can biochemical reaction happen while you are at a distance. Remember, even by thinking about something, biochemical reaction of the body can change. So, it’s not about whether you are in close or at a distance. 

Similarly, love is not achieving something or someone. Someone is not your property.  Rather achieving someone is your desire, not love. 

So, what is pure love? 

It is an identity. When, you identify someone or something as you or your part, your love flows automatically. That love can you give freedom. You can see, an enlightened one can love the whole world without expecting any return. Look more…


Author: Servant Bikramjit


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