Three simple yoga poses to relieve lower back pain


Back pain is very common in today. Yoga helps in many ways in improving overall health with mind body approaches. Here I wish to share Three simple yoga poses to relieve lower back pain. You can learn it from a instructor and practices at home.

Three simple yoga poses to relieve lower back pain


Halasana helps to strengthen the spinal cord, improves flexibility and core muscle mobility. It stretches the spine to forward position.


  • Lie flat on your back on a yoga mat by joining the legs together like Shavasana position.
  • Keep the palm in touch with the ground and breathe normally
  • Exhale the breath by pressing the palm on the ground and raise both legs upwards straight then try to touch the ground just behind. Chin should be pressed against chest.
  • Breathe slowly and hold the position as far as possible (2-3 minutes)
  • Then Return to the initial position.

Repeat the same for 3 times.

Initially you may find it hard If you are new to yoga. But slowing after regular practicing you will find comfortable.


Bhujangasana also helps to strengthen the spinal cord and stretches to backward position.


  • Lie down on a yoga mat with stomach downward and relax.
  • Stretch and join the legs and keep the knees touches each other
  • Keep the palm on the ground i.e. mat beside the chest keeping elbow straight
  • Taking a deep breathing raise the upper body from waist and keep the legs on the ground. Your hand and thigh will take the body weight in that position.
  • Try to move your head to the back as much as you can in that position. However don’t stretch excessive that if you are new.
  • Hold the breath in that position for some time and then exhale slowly and come back to the initial lie down position.

Repeat the same for 4-5 times. Initially start with lesser repetition.

Ardhakati chakrasana(standing side wise bend)

Ardhakati chakrasana improves sidewise mobility of the spinal cord.


  • Stand firmly with legs together and hands straight. Press heels on the floor.
  • While inhaling slowly stretch and raise the right arm above the head
  • Then slowly exhaling, bend the trunk along with right arm to the left. The ear will touch the right upper arm and left hand should be on the left thigh. Don’t bent right hand elbow and knees.
  • Hold the position to about 20-40 sec
  • By inhaling slowly move the trunk to straight vertical position and right arm in up and feel the pull
  • Next exhaling, bring the right arm down to the initial position.
  • Do the same to the other side

Repeat the exercise two to three times for both the sides.

Do one minute a dhyanasana after doing any one of the above asana and then one min shavasana to move to the spinal cord to a normal position.


Siddhasana (dhyanasana)


  • Sit comfortably one a yoga mat by keeping legs at a close distance from each other.
  • Now keep the left foot at the perineum (for male) and for female this position will be at the labia majora.
  • Place the right foot over the left foot and make sure that the knee are touching the ground.
  • Keep your head, body, neck and spine straight and hands on the knees.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe deep and hold the position for few times.
  • Change the position of legs and repeat.



  • Lie flat on your back on a yoga mat with gap in legs.
  • Keep your arm side wise along with facing palm in the upside.
  • Close your eyes take deep breathing and just relax.
  • Concentrate from head to feet, and relax while inhaling and exhaling
  • Continue it for few minutes.

Bottom line

Here I am just giving the idea about the yoga that supports your back. If you wish to apply the yoga, you should learn the yoga from a teacher and later may practices at home. Also if you are suffering spinal stiffness problem, start slowly after consultation.  And never forget to consult with a healthcare provider about health alignment if you have any.

Exercises helps in many ways in improving health along with managing stress. You may also like 8 surprising health benefits of exercises

Bikramjit Konwar

Author: Bikramjit Konwar


16 Responses

  1. Nice advice. Halasana is very good. It gives a stretch to spine. I find it difficult to take the legs much closer to ground. Earlier I could do it. Bhujangasana is relatively easy to do. Does one have to do complementary asanas, if they do either Halasana or Bhujangasana?

    1. Sorry, the message went to spam, today I have found it. Actually for flexibility of spinal cord, movement in all direction is necessary. Bhujangasana bends the spinal cord in opposite to halasana, so the effect is opposite to spinal cord or back. If one choose for forward bend, choose backward bend also. Uttanasana or Padahastasana can be done in place of Halasana, as it bend the spinal cord in similar direction to halasana. Initially it may hard, after practicing for few days it goes normal. Sir, I suggest to learn those from teacher.

  2. Since most of my time goes in working on a laptop, my back often gives up. I am definitely trying these yoga poses from tomorrow onwards.

  3. These are really useful, thanks! Please do include some pics / video to explain which asana pose is done how… would be really helpful! Especially for a yoga beginner!

  4. These are some wonderful asanas for back pain that plagues most of us bloggers due to prolonged working on computer or laptop! Oh yes, please do include videos or photographs to go with each asana.Would be really helpful 🙂

  5. I do practice Yoga and meditation every day. And this three yoga poses for lower back pain will be helpful for women above 40s like me. I would love to have photos included in your post for better understanding and clear reference.

    1. Thanks for the input Vasantha, Yoga helps many ways. Surely I am putting some photo soon. Be healthy be young

    1. Thanks Kalpana for your input, glad to hear that you love yoga, yes it heal minor alignment effectively, keep posting

  6. One will find atleast one or two with back pain in the group of ten people. The lifestyle is becoming culprit. Yoga posture if done correctly not only will relieve the pain but also will strengthen the body and mind. Halasana is my favourite too. And it is helping me keep my back pain at bay.

    1. Thanks Anagha for your input, love to hear that you love yoga, keep posting, spread the knowledge, will help others

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