Natural scientifically proven home remedies to heal ulcer in stomach


In our last article we have discussed about natural way to eradicate bacteria including h. pylori from stomach. However killing of bacteria doesn’t always heal infection. So in this article we have decided to write about Natural scientifically proven home remedies to heal ulcer in stomach. In our earlier articles we have discussed about:

Role of stomach acid in acid reflux, heartburn and bacterial overgrowth and remedies.

Role of helicobacter pylori bacteria in growth of ulcers in stomach and further  to cancer 

Natural way to eradicate helicobacter pylori and other bacteria from stomach. 

And if you are frequently facing acidity or heartburn, you must know this 6 hidden causes of acid reflux and heartburn, natural remedies 

Natural scientifically proven home remedies to heal ulcer in stomach

Licorice (DGL)

Many people know licorice as a sweet candy. However licorice also possess medicinal value. Licorice root is from a ancient healing herb. All over the world licorice possess many varieties. Glycyrrhiza glabra as the most common and widely discussed variety of licorice. Licorice helps to reduce inflammation inside stomach as well as soothes inflamed gastric tissues and using from ancient time.

Research shows that licorice raises concentration of prostaglandins which promotes mucus secretion in stomach lining, stabilize cell membranes and stimulate new cell growth in stomach and thus leads to heal ulcer.(1)

However a substance of licorice called  glycyrrhizinic acid, has some adverse effects such as such as potassium loss, increased blood pressure by increase of fluid volume, and muscle weakness.(2) So, later a product called de glycyrrhizin licorice (DGL) is developed by removing glycyrrhizinic acid from licorice.

In a double blinded clinical trial on 54 patients as published in Gut journals, showed that DGL has extensive healing properties in duodenal ulcer with minimal side effect. (3) DGL also seems to reduce gastric mucosal i.e. mucous membrane layer of the stomach damage induced by aspirin.(4)In an article published in Natural Medicine Journal, Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO concluded that DGL  promote the healing of ulcers and reduce ulcer-related symptoms.(5)

Clinical study demonstrated that DGL has potential in preventing recurrence of gastric ulcer and therapy is safe. (6)Researchers suggest that licorice has a low-cost, highly tolerable and with minimal side-effects in treating H. pylori infected peptic ulcer. (7) Due to low cost low profit, licorice doesn’t attract all the manufacturer.


Usual recommended dose for DGL is to chew between 200 and 300 milligrams up to three times daily approximately 20 minutes before a meal. It is safer to test with a smaller dose. Consult with your healthcare provider before application.


Zinc is an essential trace mineral involved in numerous aspects of cellular metabolism and biochemical processes. Zinc finds it’s importance in requirement for the catalytic activity of approximately 100 enzymes as well as plays a role in immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division. It also supports normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence.(8)Deficiencies have been associated with microbial infections, intestinal inflammation, delayed wound healing, and impaired immune system function.

On the other hand carnosine is amino acids a protein building block naturally produced in the body found in heart, brain and other parts. Carnosine finds its usage in prevention of aging and preventing or treating complications of diabetes such as nerve damage, eye disorders (cataracts), and kidney problems.(9)

It appears that the combination of both is 3 times more effective than each individual ingredient alone.(10)Zinc carnosine stimulated migration and production or growth of cell as well as reduced the amount of gastric and small‐intestinal injury in animal study. It possesses biological activity when assessed using several models of gut integrity and repair. Zinc carnosine is available in health food stores commercially. (11)

In a article published in Natural Medicine Journal, Tori Hudson, ND, mentioned as ” Zinc-carnosine is a unique product that appears to enhance the stomach’s mucosal defenses, providing significant improvements in gastric ulcer patients. It also supports small intestinal mucosal integrity and inhibits the inflammatory responses in H. pylori. Zinc-carnosine may be helpful in patients who do not have gastric ulcers, but have heartburn or other symptoms as a result of gastroesophageal reflux.” I have only found cautionary statements for pregnancy, nursing, or when taking prescription drugs.(10)


The most common dosage of zinc-carnosine used is 75 mg twice daily.(10)

However if you have very weak stomach acid, this may not work as your stomach can’t process.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Thus it alleviates inflammation, fight with bacterial and activity as well as promotes healing. In a study conducted on 60 patients with chronic ulcer, showed that after three month, wound healing occurred in 93.3% patients with aloe vera treated group.(12)

Aloe vera may provide a safe and effective treatment for reducing the symptoms of GERD i.e. Gastroesophageal reflux disease.(13)

Individual can consume 10-30 ml of fresh aloe vera juice daily. It is safer to test with diluted water as food may act differently to different people based upon health condition or allergic reaction. If you want buy from market choose organic free from chemical additives.


Cabbage juice

Raw cabbage juice has remarkable potential in healing peptic ulcer. In a study applied on thirteen patients with peptic ulcer, observed that fresh cabbage juice rapidly healed ulcers in patients. (14)

Individual may take one cup of cabbage juice four times in a day (max. one lit. per day). In some places people may find raw cabbage powder in organic form. Individual should test initially with smaller amount as safer way. People with thyroid hormonal problem should avoid raw cabbage due to its goitergenic component.

Also read how to reduce goitrogen and oxalate in foods

Things must be avoided

Cigarette smoking: individual should avoid cigarette smoking. Smoking increase bile salt reflux as well as increases irritation in stomach along with other adverse effects.

Allergic food: Food allergy can cause extremely deterioration to health including ulcer. So, individuals not only having ulcer or acid reflux should avoid foods including gluten that causes allergic reaction to their body for a better health. Food that is hard to digest can also create problem. You may read what food allergy can do to your body and major food allergens.

Many people use milk as soother to stomach. But despite of common belief today cow milk becomes a common food allergen. Major problem of cow milk comes as change of milk protein with the most commercialized milk. You can read our article whether present cow milk is bad or good for health in today.

Other inflammatory foods which can cause irritation as well inflammation inside the GI tract should be better avoided. Individual should take control over drink or beverage like caffeine, alcohol, diet soda.  Wine and beer has comparatively mild effect than other form of alcohol.

Drug like Indomethacin, NSAID, and aspirin has adverse effect in stomach, thus should not be used as over the counter drug.

Diet rich with fruits and vegetables help in reducing risk of ulcers as well as fight with free radicals and lower inflammation. Avoid chemicals, additives in food along with other inflammatory food as far as possible. Some surface cleansers are available in markets to remove chemicals/pesticides from surface of vegetables or fruits. You may try some good one for cleaning your fruits and vegetables. Find time at least 15 min in a day for physical activity like yoga, meditation or other form of exercises for managing stress along with many other benefits.

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Sugar also has many negative health effects including bacterial growth as well as premature aging. We have earlier written about 9 adverse health detrimental effects of added sugar, hidden names of added sugar in food and best sugar alternatives.

Most common causes of chronic lifestyle diseases and prevention.

And continuous suppressing or neutralizing normal stomach acid can cause to indigestion, malabsorption of many nutrients and stepping towards numerous health disorders. And the reasons I have mentioned in this link

Individual also may take water keeping in copper container for overnight.

Disclaimer: Information provided here are generalized information for  
informational and entertainment purpose only,  not intended to provide one  
to one health consultation or replace practice of a qualified practitioner.  
Different people may have different health condition and may have different  
reaction to the same food. Hence it has been advised to consult with health  
care provider before application of any of above information
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Bikramjit Konwar

Author: Bikramjit Konwar


32 Responses

  1. I’ve read of L Glutamine being very useful. Many prefer to get this via bone broth. The main cause – the organisms – must of course be first eliminated.
    And the prescribed meds are quite dangerous: proton pump inhibitors.
    Thanks for the useful article! It’s such a tormenting condition.

    1. L-glutamine is the most important form of glutamine, have wide range of health beneficial roles, also counter some adverse effects of some other treatment. It is also supplemented with other remedies. Proton pump inhibitor and other acid suppressors weaken stomach acid leading to nutritional deficiencies,indigestion, bacterial overgrowth in wrong places. Problem is there, peoples are using acid suppressor as over the counter drug on day to day basis. I also written about this in our article
      Rhubarb is also effective in ulcer healing. Thanks for visiting

  2. Aloe Vera and Raw cabbage juice seem effective home remedies for healing stomach ulcer and don’t have any side-effects. Quitting smoking ,& avoiding allergic food will sure to aid the healing process . Thanks for sharing the useful information #MyFriendAlexa #SujatawdeReads

    1. Yes Aloe vera is a magic plant with many benefits. All I have included here are herbs and foods. Thanks Dipali for your comment

  3. With the current lifestyle and eating habits many of us face this problem. Great informative detailed post.
    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  4. Stomach ulcer symptoms are very unbearable, specially the stomach cramps and acidity. These home remedies sounds Effective to combat the effect
    #Dewreads #myfriendalexa

    1. I am trying to include best natural remedies in my knowledge along with targeting eradication of most common cause H. pylori bacteria. Thanks for comment Bushra

  5. Wow that was a really well researched article. Going to share this with a few people who suffer from acidity and heartburn. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Suchita for your input, acidity or heartburn mostly caused from not normal high acidic environment of stomach, rather caused in low acidic environment and leaking acid to wrong place. Keep posting

  6. Informative post. It is known for a while that natural products have medicinal properties. Problem is too many claims not proven rigorously in clinical trial. You quoted one trial data. Has that been followed up by bigger trial?

    1. Use of licorice is from ancient time and well established. The only problem was glycyrrhizinic acid, which has some adverse effects. So later de glycyrrhizin licorice or DGL has been created by removing glycyrrhizinic acid. Zinc-carnosine is from integrative medicinal point of view and available as dietary supplement. Integrative or functional medicines are developing as future of medicine. Both zinc and carnosine protein both are constituents of human body and known many important functions and healing properties. Numbers of study including double blind study has shown healing properties of Zinc-carnosine combination. Effect of cabbage also well documented for ulcer healing probably due to glutamine content. Aloe vera also possess lots of study and a common herbs used for many purpose. Thanks Sir, for you question, your insight will help me a lot.

    1. Hi, acidity is not from a single cause, there are numbers of reasons for it. You can read this article
      In adequate or weak stomach acid is a common factor of acidity which decline as people ages. Which can be restored. High stomach acid is a rare case and which is due to a different reason. Which is a common misconception of acidity. We have written about this . Other relevant factors and natural remedies are linked with these articles. You will get detail here. You may test whether if you have infection in stomach and esophagus as long term acidity or heartburn can create infection, also test for Helicobacter Pylori bacteria, which commonly create infection in stomach. Also consult with a physician before application of method here.

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