Mindset: Money oriented or goal oriented? Which way do you have to go?

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Mindset: Money oriented or goal oriented? Which way do you have to go? So, I have goal in my life to earn money. Someone is saying come to me, I will show to how you can earn lots of money. Other are saying by doing these you can earn lots of money.  The question is there are so many ways to earn money which way I need to take. If I am going to take all those ways I am going to be lost. Where is my goal of life? Can I follow a particular goal?

Mindset: Money oriented or goal oriented? Which way do you have to go?

Next big question is how much money is enough to be satisfied, to be fulfilled? You can see, top richest human beings are still jumping like a monkey. They are frustrated, restlessness in inside, unable to overcome fear. There are many examples; millionaire go depression, celebrities go depression. Why does this happen? Are we becoming human being or money-making machine? How much is enough?

I am not telling you that you don’t earn money. Obviously, you can earn lots of money. There is nothing wrong about it. Everybody has their own choice. You need to have a good relationship with money. Otherwise, it is going to be a pain. The three stage of money-earning, keeping or maintaining and spending-you need have a good relationship. And that needs to be regulated by Dharma, Righteous living. Then you can get satisfaction, happiness. Otherwise, you can escape from tension, frustration, fear, and restlessness. That said, if you are in a rat race, winner or loser, you will be still a rate.  

The Greek King Alexander-you probably hear the name, had realized some valuable lesions before passing away of his body. He made three wishes before die; you may find in the internet as the of last three wishes of Alexander. If realization comes at the earlier stage, life can be better from earlier stage.

And, you need a goal, a right goal to walk in a better way in the life. You need to work on you, give you space to think and work on it, and accordingly carry by making a plan. The goal doesn’t only bring welfare to you, it needs to carry welfare for other also. You can get satisfaction, happiness and also earn respect according to level of highness of you goal.


Author: Servant Bikramjit


Reaching Goal in Life-Yoga of Freedom

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