Meaning in Life, Health, Disease, Covid-19

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Dear Friends and Comrades, I am not feeling happy to write this article. I don’t understand, where I will start. Let’s start from Covid-19. Definitely, Covid-19 is bringing pain to human life, we have lost lives, we have lost near and dear ones. We are feeling the pain. But my question is, what we can learn from this. What we can learn about the meaning in life, health, disease from Covid-19.

Meaning in Life, Health, Disease, Covid-19

I have seen many, who are broken down due to pandemics; whether due to the reason of physical health or financial issue or concern of near or dear ones. I am not going to talk about those who are concern about their near or dear ones. It is obvious, humans are social animals.

But I observed those who are driven by mainly materialistic things are broken down easily. I observed only a few people are feeling safe. I am not a supporter of money-driven behaviors. What may happen if we are mainly driven by money? For example, A is earning lots of money by doing a job, B is earning lots of money by doing a business, C is earning lots of money by providing a service. If we are driven by money which way we will go? If we are moving here and there in search of money, we are likely to be lost ourselves. I am not going to tell you that we don’t need money. We obviously are not going to beg, need money to survive, and some future security. What I am going to tell is that earning money and running after money is not the same thing. We have many examples that millionaires, celebrities, super successful get depressed. Money is not a very big deal as commonly thought. I have seen people who are driven by money are broken down easily in front of adversity.

If you are driven by your own constructive work that you like to do, you are likely to develop your skill and earn money. We have many examples of super successful who start from zero and also earned lots of money. They focus on their work rather than money. Your work requires creating a constructive need for the surrounding. You need to find engagement, a good reason with your work. Then you can also earn money, find satisfaction from your work.

The second thing is running after power. We run after power. We humans often forget that we are very tiny in front of nature or the creator. If you look from the sky, you can’t identify who is powerful or who is not. A few years before, we never thought that a day would come, that we have to wear a musk. We so-called humans the best creature on this planet are unable to create lives rather than destroying lives. We are destroying nature and making it imbalanced. Covid-19 needs a lession for us. What may if happen if more viruses come in near the future. Can we survive, will our next generation survive if more and more viruses activate from hibernation. Science fictions movies give a hint of the future. Are we going to make our planet like the movie Avatar. We must obey the law of nature, be beneficial for nature, or at least be aligned with nature.

If we have a meaning, a good purpose, small or big, it helps us to stand upright in front of adversity and also take care of our physical health. We talk about our comforts, future security, our bank liability, but what about those, who had been sentenced to death in concentration camps or the Holocaust of the Nazis in World War II. Still, some survived from there who had good purposes. And we have a recent study, that meaning in life can effectively buffer against the impact of negative life events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. It matters more how we are living than how long we are living.

In my opinion, a meaning always matters, whether in the case of mental health or physical health. We are not going to achieve sustainable physical health if we don’t have any meaning in life apart from knowledge about health. And, yes, building good habits can safeguard us. I am not going to write much. I have written an article earlier about building immunity. You can read this. Wish you to be safe, happy, and healthy.

Bikramjit Konwar

Author: Bikramjit Konwar


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