I am that restlessness human creature: living with pleasure & pain

worms eyeview of well

I am the tiny little creature of a body-mind complex living with desire & perception, subject to win & loss, pleasure & pain, sickness of disease & death. I am living with desire & ambition; conditioned with giving and take, pleasure and sorrow, greed and anger, hate and fear. One day this world will through me out; Before I die

  • I have to enjoy the world as much as I can; I have to have all the sensual pleasure
  • I have to gain as much as I can
  • I have to be famous
  • I have to be powerful
  • I have to be wealthy
  • I have to fulfil all my desires otherwise I will die unsatisfied

I have all sorts of restlessness, anxiety for achievement, feed my ego. I have no bliss; I have no peace; I have no pure love. I am surrounded by the crowd but feel lonely in my mind.

God may exist or may not be! Sometimes, I believe, and sometimes I don’t. I am not sure.  

I am that frog living in the well!


Author: Bikramjit Konwar


Reaching Goal in Life-Yoga of Freedom

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