Five important factors in choosing a right cardio machine

Choosing a right cardio machine is very important for improving your health, taking care of your joints as well as having fun in long run workout. Most of us struggle to do 30 minutes workout on a cardio machine. Today various cardio machines are coming into the market. But if your piece of equipment is not smart enough, everything is wastage of time and money. Good cardio exercise equipment usually comes at price. So, it is important to devote some time on selecting right cardio machine.

We have short out few factors that you should consider before choosing a right cardio equipment.



Having fun in workout is very important in choosing a cardio machine

Cardio exercise is not very fun. Most of the people buys cardio machine and after few days they stop workout on that machine. If you don’t enjoy the workout on the machine, it will be only wastage of money. I have seen many people leave their workout in a cardio machine after few months or even after few days. The machine should have enough space for movement of your body so that you can work comfortably.

Cardio machine should be impact free or have low impact on joint

Workout on a machine should have, as low as possible impact or compressive force mainly on joint and bones. Such as running on hard surface, descending stairs are hard on knee, back and joints. In long run those practices can create knee or joint pain. Running surface always should have better shock absorbing capacity. Eg-you should always check thickness of the running belt in trade mill. Recumbent bike takes better care of your back than upright cycle or bike.You should give very much importance about comfort of your ankle, knees, back and other joints. Recumbent bike, Jacob’s ladder, stair mill, arc trainer, elliptical are some cardio machines with comparatively lesser impact or nearly impact free on joints.


Whether workout on the cardio machine employs large groups of your body muscles? Whether a particular machine workout effectively burns fats, improve and maintain cardiovascular health and fitness? Burning more calories in lesser time spend on a cardio machine, engaging a large group of muscle including core muscle is normally a smart piece of machine. Stair mill, woodway curve, trade mill, rowing machine are some cardio equipment which burns calorie in faster rate.


Whether, workout on a particular machine creates or exacerbates any physical problem or Impact on body. Individual with specific health condition should always check their ability to perform on a cardio machine, impact of movement of workout in their body, joints. Such individual should always consult with a healthcare provider prior to start a exercise regime. In practical, it the right piece of machine which suits you most.


Machine should be obviously durable, strong enough for your safe workout and value for money.


Bottom line

In today, variety of cardio exercise equipment such as Treadmill, Rowing Machine, Woodway Curve, Step Mill, Airdyne, Jacob’s Ladder, ARC Trainer, Elliptical,  Recumbent Bike are available in most of the places and as well as online shops. Many of equipment today are coming with features which will give you feeling of outdoor workout. Find out the best which most suits you, have fun, improve your cardio health, build your fitness level. It ultimately should give value to your investment. Remember you should always use right wearable, shoes to avoid injury and to have fun workout.

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