How to find your signature strengths scientifically for growth and happiness

find your signature strengths scientifically for growth and happiness

What is the signature strength? You will see some people enjoy their work very much and love to do it again and again. And such people continuously grow in their life. This is because they find happiness in their work. They find a good meaning in their life. Why they love to do their work-because their signature strength matches their activities. We will talk about signature strength and why it is so important in your life. And this article will help you find your signature strengths scientifically for growth and happiness.

How to find your signature strengths scientifically for growth and happiness

I have used the word scientifically here because VIA Institute on Character is working on this from a long way. The word scientifically attracts some people but also distracts many people. We are living in a hell world where most people (not all) are tired, fatigued, and exhausted at the end of the day. They are mostly unhappy with their work and so feel tired. When they (not all) switch on their TV in the night, their exhausted brain looks for comforts like after pictures of favorite celebrities or player, not a scientific equation or formula- I read somewhere in Quora. However, who are happy with their work, they don’t behave like that in most. A scientific report can show you ways, while many others don’t. Happy people have more freedom. They are more creative and more productive at work. If you are happy with your work you will be valued, you will be happy on Monday morning to start your work again if you are a working person.

What is the signature strength?

You will also see, within the same kind of work some people enjoy their work and others don’t. Those who find joy in their work, grow in their work type, earn respect and money, and live happily. They can be a good educator, a sports professional, an artist, a renowned guitarist, an environmentalist, a good employee, a nurse, a scientist, or others. This is because their signature strength matches up with their work lives.

Signature strengths are the positive parts of your personality that impact your thoughts, feelings, and behavior and unique for one. The signature strength of one person may not match with another one. For example, if honesty is your character strength, curiosity maybe your child. This is just an example, there are also other types. When people work with signature strength, they can find happiness and growth in life.

Use your signature strengths for growth and happiness

Many people (not all) think a good income, a luxurious car, a home will give happiness. A beautiful home also gives some happiness-but I am not talking that point. But mostly when they reach there they will not find happiness. Rather thinking of achieving can give some amount of happiness. Happiness is not all about pleasure. Pleasure is short-lived while happiness lives long. You can buy pleasure but you can’t buy happiness. People mostly (not all) have confusion about happiness. Beyond a point, when most of the needs (not want) fulfilled money doesn’t give happiness in most. Extra stuff apart from basic needs actually doesn’t make people happy. Rather extra stuff makes people frustrated and unhappy- study told. (1)

As per the research model from award holding Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky (Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside and author of the bestseller The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want) and colleagues- External circumstances like awesome stuff, horrible things have around 10% contribution to happiness or sorrow in life. Apart from genetics, our intention, efforts have about 40% contributions to happiness. (2, 3) We have no control over genetics, have little control over external circumstances for happiness. But we have control over a major 40% of our happiness. That we can do for a happy life.

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Our intentional, effortful activities have a powerful effect on how happy we are, over and above the effects of our set points and the circumstances in which we find ourselves“-Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky

To continue the practice for intentional and effortful activities, you need to enjoy your activities. Only then can you carry for the long term. And here it comes the signature strength. Knowing your signature strength, you will know what type of work can give you happiness. And your right action plan can help you to find a better path for happiness and growth. When the signature strength combines with the career, it can help to flourish your life.

Find your signature strengths scientifically

The VIA Institute on Character is a non-profit organization, which surveys 24 questions to evaluate one’s character strength. You may find out your character strength by answering the questions from multiple choice. You need to be honest while answering the questions to get accurate results. Up to this, VIA Institute provides free information and you need to register with an email id. You can find your signature strength through VIA research through this link.

How to use your signature strengths in your life

If you need your action plan, you can have that by paying some amount of money. I have not affiliated with the VIA Institute on Character-for your information. I will not receive any money from the VIA Institute for this.

Alternatively, I am giving you another way. Tayyab Rashid & Afroze Anjum from the University of Pennsylvania had developed multiple ways, that you can use for utilizing your signature strength or character strength in your life. All you need to go through this link and download the pdf.

You can learn more with my book on sleep, food craving and happiness.

Why I am writing on the signature strength?

I basically write on health that mostly depends on food and lifestyle factors. You may probably feel somewhere in life, how hard to achieve physical health with an unhappy mind. So, I am writing this post because knowing your way of happiness, you can do at least some activities in which you can find happiness. Which is important even you are in a stressful life. You can also search for the signature strength of your child. Apart from adult (above 18 years), the VIA Institute on Character also provides a youth survey for 10 to 17 years old.

In the present world, we need both physical as well as mental health. Controlling inflammation inside your body plays an essential role in health in modern days. With the increase of chronic inflammation, your cells begin to die and chronic diseases develop. You can learn about the following articles

Lesser known foods that prevents inflammation and protect your health.

Destruction needs lesser time to build. That’s why you need to know about foods that cause inflammation inside your body. These are some basic things to health.

Also taking control of foods with simple sugar is very much essential. You can learn how processed foods mostly in the simple form of these two sugar glucose and fructose or fruit sugar can kill your health. I am working on a book on how to end the craving for such foods permanently and how to make food tastier and healthier. Keep in touch to have the initial discount.

Don’t ignore sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to cognitive impairment and also changes food choices. Your many decision can go wrong with sleep deprivation and many times lead to weight gain. If you want for sustainable balanced weight, correction of sleep will be the top priority. Moreover, sleep deprivation leads to hormonal balance.

A message for You

If you like my work, I request you to support me to carry further. This site is still working as a non-profit, but that can’t be carried for a long time. As it also demands time, efforts, and also some amount of money, to maintain. You can simply support me by sharing this with your near and dear ones for mutual benefits.

Some asked me about the happiness of love, affairs. True love is unconditional. In love marriages, happiness remains to a higher level for two-three years and after that, it comes to the normal level. Study found. A good married life is a strong supportive system-I agree with that.

Disclaimer: Information provided here are generalized information 
for informational and entertainment purpose only,  not intended 
to provide one to one health consultation or replace practice of 
a qualified practitioner.Different people may have different 
health condition and may have different reaction to the same 
food. Hence it has been advised to consult with health  
care provider before application of any of above information 
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