Enzyme activation in food-Why do you need to activate your seeds, legumes, grains?

Why-you-should -activate-your-seeds- -legumes-grains

Why should you care about enzymes? What you put in your mouth should be processed by the body and absorbed optimally for good health. And this is the reason why do you activate enzymes in seeds, beans, legumes, nuts and how will you do that? Many seeds, grains, beans, legumes, nuts contain inhibitor which inhibits this process. You need to activate enzymes of such foods to be absorbed by the body properly.

What is enzyme?

Enzymes are vital nutrients responsible for many biochemical processes including growth and development. In whole foods, enzyme acts for growth, development and maturing of foods. This process continues till ripening and disintegration of foods if not interrupted by external factor like heat or cold or any other preservation processes. The same way enzymes help in digestion and absorption of food or nutrients in human body.

Why do you activate enzymes in seeds, beans, legumes, nuts..?

Many seeds, grains, beans, legumes, nuts contain anti nutrients or enzyme inhibitors, which inhibit growth and development. For that reason those foods stays intact period for prolong period until a favorable environment occurs. If you consume such foods in such stage, your body may miss those vital enzymes which are vital for processing the foods inside the digestive tract of the body which may impair digestion and absorption such foods. So your body will miss the goodness of such foods. Usually natural foods contain a complete package with nutrients which helps in digestion and absorption of the food. However inhibitor prevents enzyme activities so in digestion also. So, you need to inactivate the inhibitor before consumption.


Why-you-should -activate-your-seeds- -legumes-grains

Bottom line

The best way to inactivate inhibitor is to activate enzymes which need proper environments for activation of enzymes. Usually water soaking of seeds/legumes in room temperature or slightly higher temperature helps in activation of enzymes. Cooking destroys the goodness of enzymes. So beware of cooking and excessive cooking.

Ref.-Your Health Your Choice by Dr. M. Ted Morter


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