Do we really need religion in today’s modern scientific time?

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We are now living in a modern scientific area. And we are observing violence in the name of religion. Religion seems to be not scientific. Question arises- Do we really need religion in today’s modern scientific time?

Human beings quarreled each other in the name of religion, Religions seems to unscientific and restrict my freedom

It was the condition of mine. I was a hater of religion. I had seen human beings quarreled each other in the name of religion. Religious prescription puts restrictions in our activities like over indulgence of sensual pleasure and some others. In my view, religion prescriptions were unscientific and restrict my freedom of physical activities.

I was typically born in a Hindu family, but I didn’t like to say I am a Hindu. I didn’t like the discrimination based on caste system comes through heredity. From my child I had seen some rigid rituals and quarrels among those who prescribed those rituals about what rules to be followed. But no one could give logical explanations why a particular rule needs to be followed. I was a hater and did not like to introduce me as Hindu.

Before I study spirituality, I had come across several area of studies Engineering, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Autophagy, Health & Wellness Coaching, Philosophy, Positive Psychology, and Careers & Passion of humans in search of questions What am I, why do I exist here, what should be my action here, how can I contact the external world. I was positive, hopeful but not contented. I was in search of how can I end this game suffering and fear, fear of uncertainty and fear of death.

And being failure to end the game suffering and fear, I incidentally read few lines of a Hindu scripture, that I had never read before. That created curiosity inside me. Slowly I started to read scriptures. It takes lots of time to understand, realize and digest the teachings because lots of meditation on the teaching is required. And it all surprised me; these are not that typical religious I had seen in my childhood. I primarily study the spiritual studies. These are all studies. And many ancient human beings had been contributed from several thousand years selflessly. And it is not Hindu as I had known in my earlier age. It is called Sanātana Dharma refers to Eternal Law. In fact, there are many schools under the same umbrella. And scriptures give some prescription harnessing the mind, unfolding the divinity inside while killing or controlling inside demon. Scriptures give prescription so that you can have the right contact with the external world.

Today many young people hate religions due to the misrepresentation by some due to the interest of the individual or narrow agendas. Such individual or narrow agendas misrepresents religions and can lead to quarrel and violence. Violence, war can destroy this human race or other living beings, not this World. The World will recycle all these, and after many years life may again come.

What is beyond material science?

For some religions appear as unscientific. The problem with us that we don’t believe unless and until we perceive something through our sense organs. But question arise, how strong our sense organs are? A same object appears differently to different living creature. Why are you calling the absolute appears to you only? If you search in Google as “how the universe is made of”, you will find only about 5% are normal matter that can be perceived through senses. What about the rest? This is the limitation of material science. So, to know the Ultimate Reality, you have to study other ways. We have to study non-material, we have to study Sprititual. Obviously we need material studies, but we can’t efford to be that limited. We need both. 

Religions for Truth, Peace and Harmony

If you look, you will see God realization person comes from religion only. Religions are born for seeking the ultimate reality. And for other common people they set some life prescription for a better life and living. Religious prescriptions are deep rooted, they are not like psychological prescription. Today human beings are struggling with their habits of welbeing due to lack of insight. Humans are becoming violent, restlessness  creature due to lack of insight, ethical decipline today. And we purceive license for physical activity as the freedom. We need humans, not a machine with a body of human and restlessness, frustrated mind. No good action can be happened from such a human being. Although their way may be different due to their geographical location, many similarities exist in religious prescription.  Wrong desire is personified as the ‘devil’ in all religions—Christianity calls it Satan, Islam as Shaitan, Buddhism as Mara, Hinduism as Asura and so on. Religions are true to achieve deep satisfaction and the highest goal in human life & peace and harmony.

All religions are true to reach the Ultimate Reality. No different reality exists for different religions. They are just like sisters and brothers. You don’t need to jump from one another for seeking. Poverty remains in the belief & perception only. Individual or narrow agendas misrepresents religions. A true religious can’t hate another, rather bring harmony, respect and peace. And I believe the day will come and save this human race from this world, we need to aware. I don’t care much about this body, I know one day I have to return it. I do what I need to do to maintain; Don’t have any craze. But we human beings need peace and harmony today and we can if we wish-that I like to say. 


Author: Bikramjit Konwar


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