Most common causes of lifestyle diseases and preventive measures


Whatever you call, Life style diseases or degenerative diseases are going epidemic in modern life. They are mostly chronic diseases. Most conventional medicine fails to address the root cause and healing and restoration of health.  Removing pain or symptoms may give temporary relief but can’t heal chronic disease. And as a result those diseases are repeating again and again. Why we are facing those diseases. Here we are discussing why and what are the most common causes of lifestyle diseases and preventive measures.

We are trying to outline the basic idea as it is not possible to cover all the aspect in a single article. We will come separately in our coming articles in details about it.

What is lifestyle disease?

In common language lifestyle diseases originates from lifestyle habits. So, these diseases are not happened in a single day and occurs as a result of premature cell degeneration, toxicity, DNA mutation due to poor lifestyle habit and come with a long list of disease. Cell degeneration is the process of dying cells and many factors can cause premature cell degeneration which further lead to chronic diseases. Most common lifestyle diseases includes obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, allergic reaction, cancer, chronic pain,dementia,  Alzheimer’s disease,  osteoporosis and many more.

causes of lifestyle diseases and preventive measures

Most common causes of lifestyle diseases and preventive measures


Yes, toxins are one top killer in today. Many people are not realizing what toxins, chemicals or pollutants can do to their body.  Toxins including environmental chemicals, pollutants, heavy metal such as lead, mercury, aluminium or other compound, , tap water contamination, chemicals/pesticides/preservatives/other artificial additives used in foods, chemicals that are foreigner to the body and can cause harmful reactions. Such reactions create inflammation inside the body. Toxins can cause inflammation, can damage your cells, tissues, organs & create oxidative stress leading to many health complications inside the body and cause premature aging, may cause DNA mutation.

When toxins enter into your body it alters many key functions inside your body. Such functions include change of heart rate, interruption of neuron connections for brain functions, deregulation of hormonal productions, blockage of insulin receptor sites on cells and more. (1)

Bottom line:

Limit your exposure to toxins, environmental pollutants, do contribution to pollution free planet. Make a habit to read label of packaged food including list of ingredients, certification. Many pharmaceutical medicine also plays a toxic rule to the body.

Nutrition deficiency/malnutrition:

Do we ever feel lack of energy, premature muscular degeneration and other degenerative diseases. Do we ask why? It’s simple thing. Your body is made of different kinds of cells and all are living organism, have organic lives. Thousands of reactions are going inside your body and every cell takes part actively. And so they need vitamins, minerals, proteins, energy, oxygen, water, enzyme, co-enzyme and many more to live, process, growth and excrete waste product. If we don’t nourish them what each different types of cells need they will not support us. And as a result our cells will die, become ill, not regenerate properly and our body will start deteriorate.

Bottom line:

Try to have optimum nutrition.  Include wide varieties of fruits, vegetables, good quality edible fat/oil, adequate protein with all essential amino acids in diet. If food is not adequate, supplementing the lacking nutrient is the other option. Manufacturer of supplement may have different practices whether it may be the source of ingredient, collection,  processing or production. And that’s why you should be careful in selecting a supplement. Water is an abundant  constituent needed by your body, so you need to hydrate your body well by drinking adequate amount of water. You will get more information for this link benefits of warm water over cold water.

Modern day’s diet:

We mentioned repeatedly, commercial foods, refined, processed, treated with chemicals create health. Most manufacturer plays tricky game to make food attractive, appear as healthy foods. Manufacturer claims food as enriched with nutrients, vitamins, minerals but what is hidden in the words enriched.

They are not highlighting/marketing how much sugar or salt they are adding with foods, what preservative they are using, what refining process they are applying. Two common villains in modern food industry include sugar and salt (sodium hydrochloride). You should check these two in your plate.

You may also read what sugar cause in your body, hidden name of sugar and sugar alternatives.

Many vegetable oil manufacturers are marketing vegetable oils as healthy oil with health beneficial vitamins, PUFA but they are not telling you that their high heat refining process can alter the benefits of oil and heating of vegetable make it toxic to health.

Avoid food that are allergic to you, gluten containing food, protein which is hard to digest, genetically modified food. Genetic modification alters the natural structure of foods which your body is not familiar with. Such food may create inflammation inside your body as immune system of the body may identify them as foreign invader. Recently some prevent measure in labelling of food containing GMO or genetically modified are going.

And what about the fats and cooking oil? Avoid damage, rancid, highly refined and highly processed fats and oil, hydrogenated oil, trans fat. Cold pressed virgin oil is a good option. For cooking always choose oil which high smoke point i.e. oil should withstand higher temperature so that it doesn’t become toxic easily.

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Bottom line:

Choose whole food, fruits and vegetable, healthy fat like olive oil, coconut oil, almond, avocado, walnut, ghee (clarified butter), butter. Use low flame slow cooking. Try to eat cooked as well as raw whichever is possible. Saturated fat is health beneficial while consumed in a controlled manner. Try to avoid toxic commercial foods, refined, processed, treated with chemicals, damage, rancid, highly refined and highly processed fats and oil, added sugar, salt as far as possible.

Read more about how to choose right cooking oil.


Yes, stress is one killer factor in today’s lifestyle. People may ignore stress or don’t know how chronic stress is killing them internally in today’s lifestyle. Having higher stresses level and depression for a longer period poses a major threat to human health which can lead to health complicacies. Stress can cause hormonal imbalance inside the body and is linked with many health related disorder or diseases.

Uncontrolled stress affects and deregulates your body’s function including respiratory function, cardiovascular function, hormonal secretion, adrenal fatigue, gastrointestinal system, reproductive system, nervous system, Musculoskeletal System.(2) It is difficult enclose all those in a single article, so we will come in our coming article in details.

Some people may not feel emotional stress but activities like over working stress, lack of sleep, skipping meal, over exercising tax the body and so has negative effects.

Bottom line:

Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, listening music etc help to lower stress and give peace of mind. Physical exercise in a controlled manner also help to drain out stress. People often find difficult to keep balance between work life and personal life, day to day threat, negative impact. Manage time whatever you can keep for your beloved activities as well as find time with family and friend. Converting threat to challenge is good way to manage stress in a positive way. Or if you are in severe stage, it is better to consult with a professional.

Unhealthy Gut:

We have mentioned earlier also that gastrointestinal (GI) tract works as an extension of the body which is exposed to the outside world and gut plays many critical rule to overall health of a human body. Whatever you ingest from the outside world it comes to your GI tract. And it identifies and allow vital nutrient to pass through intestinal lining to the circulatory system of the body through blood stream. But it keeps out foreign body like foreign protein, bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins from your circulation system when enters these can cause many health disorders.

But if intestinal lining or barrier is damage or compromise and it makes a way for the foreign toxic bodies to enter into the circulatory system. Such condition also called leaky gut syndrome. If those foreign pathogen enters into the blood circulation, can move to your tissue, organs and can damage those tissues or organs.

Toxins, chemicals, chronic stress, bad bacteria, alcohol, food poisoning, or allergic reaction, some medication like antibiotic, antacids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and some other has negative impact on gut health and can lead to leaky gut syndrome.

Gut microbiota or friendly colon bacteria has a critical rules here in well functioning of immune system, supplying the some vital nutrient to the body and overall health of the body. Gut microbiota plays some vital beneficial rules in cases including mental health, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes and more. Which we will come in details in later.

Bottom line:

Avoid or take control over food treated with chemicals, pesticides, low grade preservatives, artificial dye, flavor, GMO, food that cause allergic reaction to an individual, drug or medicine with negative health affects and some other. Probiotic supplementation with inclusion of all the beneficial gut bacteria works well in restoration of gut microbiota as well as gut health. Food with dietary fiber, ripe fruits, unsweetened yoghurt, and some other fermented food plays rule in feeding friendly gut microbiota. And so such foods play a rule in promoting gut health. I forgot one line earlier, chemicals like disinfectant, antibacterial harm gut microbiota which further impair maturing of immune cells. So, use such chemical as low as possible, specially for the case of child. 

You may also like health benefits of dietary fiber and how to know adequacy of fiber in diet.

Lack of physical activity

Physical activity helps proper functioning of the muscles, joints, tendons and bones and prevent premature muscle degeneration. And it also increases daytime activeness, improves sleep at night and helps to lower stress. Physical activity like regular exercises, walking, yoga, choosing stairs while ascending in place of lift, playing etc improves health, activeness, mood as well as poster. However descending stairs are injurious to knee in long term, so it is better to avoid descending stairs. Remember if you are in a specific health condition consult with a professional first.

You can also read 8 surprising benefits of doing exercises.  I hope this article of “most common causes of lifestyle diseases and preventive measures”, help you some inner sight and take preventive measure.

Disclaimer: Above information are generalized information only. So individual with specific 
health condition should consult with healthcare professional first.
Source & references:
1.The toxin solutions-Dr. Joseph Pizzorno
2.American Psychological Association
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