Amazon eBook on better Sleep, health & happiness: Free up to 21 Oct. 2020

Amazon eBook on better Sleep, health & happiness

My dear readers. I have recently published an Amazon Kindle Ebook-on Better Sleep and better life. I had decided to write this book on better Sleep, health & happiness because I have seen many people are not aware of how sleep loss can destroy our health and lives. This book has information for those who are struggling with their sleep, losing weight, being unable to cope with stress, and finding direction in life along with Yes and No food to sleep and happiness. Amazon is allowing me to share a free copy up to 21 Oct. 2020. After that, I have no control over it.

I tried to make this book understandable and avoid technical jargon as far as possible. I don’t how far I am succeeded. Honest feedback will be highly appreciated.

Sleep doesn’t waste time; it’s good for the waistline.”  Sleep Research Scientist Teresa Arora, Ph.D

If someone is struggling with sustainable weight loss, sleep correction is the first place to do. Night of uninterrupted sleep helps to clean daily metabolic toxins from the brain, rejuvenate and a better you, and taking control of your own, not of external circumstances. The strategy to recover daily sleep loss at the weekend doesn’t work. Many scientists warn of this strategy. Sleep loss is also linked to Alzheimer’s Disease.

I am very much thankful to senior respected personnel Shri Krishna Sharma for writing a review of this book in his writings

The problems he has dealt with in this book like insomnia, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, depression etc. are very common now a days and we need to adopt a healthy life style, take precautions for fighting them effectively and not allow them to make a dangerous dent on our health. He tells us some proven and powerful methods to achieve sleep restoration and eventually overcome a number of such problems caused by not having proper sleep. It is great to learn what wonderful benefits deep sleep can provide to us, it works for us while we are taking rest. Such benefits include- muscle repair, memory consolidation, clearing metabolic waste and releasing such hormones which help in weight loss, controlling blood sugar etc.

Shri Krishna Sharma

book on better Sleep, health & happiness

  • In this sleep improvement guide, you will learn:
  • ow sleep deprivation changes your food choices (especially craving for highly processed comfort foods), eating amounts, and lead to weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, diabetes, and more
  • How sleep-wake cycle dysfunction can lead to hormonal imbalance
  • How to use your Circadian Rhythm to set your sleep-wake cycle, the best time to go to bed, and the direction of the body while sleeping.
  • Evening foods & beverages, nutrients that hurt sleep – Foods and drinks you should avoid at night or evening that can cause insomnia. And alternatives to such foods and drinks.
  • Activities that can steal your sleep at night
  • How to fall asleep quickly and calm your racing mind before bed, creating a better sleeping environment. 
  • Exercises that can help you to sleep better and balance hormones. How to incorporate exercise into a busy life.
  • Manage Modern day’s day to day stress
  • Emotional wellbeing, how to find happiness, cognitive science, and goal setting-powerful methods

You can download this Kindle eBook as free up to 21st Oct. 2020 midnight (Pacific time) by clicking the following links:

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I am amazed by the overwhelming response to my first book. Thank you to all my friends. 

Bikramjit Konwar

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