The Journey from Ignorance to Knowledge

Salutations to that all-pervading one Consciousness that shines all,

Salutations to that Infinite Ocean of Bliss…

Salutations to the lotus feet of Jagat Guru….

The four kinds of Yoga are primarily as the voice of freedom. Before going to that I like to explain why I have chosen this.

I had a few questions in my mind, and I searched for the answers.

I was a sufferer, I had suffered from the body, once lost my physical health, from the mind, suffered from inner battle. I did wrong and suffered. Wrong action comes from wrong choice. When the choice is wrong, the battle itself becomes wrong. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in a wrong battle; you can’t escape from suffering.

Earlier, I perceived success as a good career in life, materialistic wealth, Name & fame, power, indulgences of all kinds of sensual pleasures. But with a closer look, I found these are not true stage of success and these can’t safeguard me from inside suffering. Externally it appears to have the all, such livings are attractive but they can’t escape from inside suffering. Try to satisfy with sense pleasures, admiration or feeding the ego, but no peace inside, no satisfaction & fulfilment, no true happiness. Just an endless run of unfulfillment. Living with all the comfort to the body but tension, restlessness, frustration in the mind. And such livings are full in the surrounding.

I choose not to be a worldly worm, rather I choose to search for the answers to my questions..

  • What am I?
  • Why do I exist here?
  • What should be my action here as a human being, how can I contact the external world? How can I end the game of suffering and fear, fear of uncertainty, fear of death?

I studied Engineering, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Autophagy, Health & Wellness Coaching, Western Philosophy, Positive Psychology, and Careers & Passion and at last I come to Vedanta.

And I found we all have that power with the blessing of human life, to end the game of suffering and have a glorious life. All we need to have a willingness, enquire within, knowing, understanding & realising and making a right choice.  

If you look at a true Monk, you will see that a human being is uninterested with any material wealth, name-fame, positional power, sense pleasure or any other worldly gain. Such a human being remains peaceful, blissful, contented, and fearless. And they act very intelligently.  So, what valuable they get that makes them uninterested with any other gain.

How to achieve monk like deep satisfaction, fulfilment, peacefulness, blissfulness and fearlessness in household living-is the core mission of Yoga of Freedom.

Yoga mean union, primarily Supreme Yoga refers to union with the Supreme Reality.

We often are often seeking God (personnel God) outside the world. But God or whatever you may call, is not an object to find outside. That Supreme Reality is purely a subject, not an object to your sense organs. Your existence, itself is the proof of the existence of that Supreme Reality.

Uniting with the Supreme Reality, an individual mind be free from the burden of transient ego, suffering, restlessness, frustration, hate, jealousy, violence, fear of uncertainty, fear of death, and can find this world a glorious place to live-the fundamental goal.

The four paths Yoga are recommended to unite with that Supreme Reality as well as day-to-day life. These four Yoga are also mentioned in Bhagavad Gita. Physical Yoga, like Hatha Yoga or Pranayama or Breathing Technique assist. However, each chapter of the Bhagavadgita is a Yoga.

  • Jñäna Yoga (Yoga of Knowledge of Supreme Reality, Brahma Gyan)
  • Karma Yoga (Yoga of Action)
  • Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion, Love)
  • Dhyāna Yoga (Yoga of Meditation)

Meaning of the Logo:

Yoga of Freedom

  • The four spokes of the wheel represent the four kinds of Yogas
  • The wheel with four spokes lifts the Lotus. Nature of the lotus: It grows in mud but rise upward and untouched by mud & water. Similarly, a human being can rise upward to divinity while untouched by devils.
  • The Om (A, U, M, …) or ॐ refers transcending from limited mind-body-intellect to the Supreme Consciousness. From the planes of Waking, Dreaming, Deep sleeping to the Ultimate Reality. 

Following primarily the way of Vedanta for how to achieve Monk-like deep satisfaction, bliss, peace & fulfilment, and freedom from the burden of fear & suffering in household living- is the core of this vision. It is a mission to spread the light upon the darkness of ignorance and establish righteousness living with joy of fulfilment, love, peace, harmony and non-violence. This is my intention.

In some cases, I may ask for a little contribution from you to carry out all these and some other righteous actions, in exchange for something or you may donate if you will. I am human being living with household living. I don’t have a will to build piles of material wealth, nor do I want to move to the sky. I have nothing to with this in my personnel. I am not concerned about gain or loss.  If you have such questions in the mind, you are welcome on this journey from ignorance to knowledge.

We have the precious lives of a human being. Together we all can make a better world, be happy, satisfied, contended, peaceful and can have true success in life.

With Love & Peace

Bikramjit Konwar (This name is not my real identity-just a name as a form and usages)

Yoga of Freedom