8 Common Migraine Triggering factors you should know


Migraine is severe headache lasting for hours to days. Causes of migraine are not understood by researcher but some factors play role in triggering migraine. It is an outcome some specific change within the brain and lead to the characteristic pain.There are some factors in common which trigger migraine for most of the people frequently.

Common Migraine triggering factors



Stress is closely linked with migraine. Anxiety, excitement, daily stress level or other form of stress can trigger migraine.

Yoga, meditation, relaxing therapy, exercises with proper sleeping schedule can be helpful to manage stress to reduce migraine.


Women are more likely to have migraine than men. Women with history of migraine frequently experience headaches immediately before or during their menstrual period. Oral contraceptive, hormone replacement therapy may worsen the situation.

Lifestyle and balance diet may help in the situation. Women feeling migraine during menstrual period can meet specialist.

Irregular sleep:

If you have irregular sleep, sleeping disorder, you are more likely to have migraine attack. When you sleep body relaxes, cell repairs including brain. If you have irregular sleep, sleepless night, some bad signal is transferred to the brain may leads to migraine.

Try to go to bed at the same time in every night, skip TV, reading etc while in bed.  Sleep at least for 7-8 hours in a day.


There is a long list of foods which can triggers migraine. Processed and salty food, aged cheese, artificial sweetener, preservatives used in meat such as nitrate etc may trigger migraine.


Skipping meal or in sufficient food is one of key food factor which can leads to migraine. Don’t skip balanced meal with snacks. Try to eat proper diet at regular interval of time.

Alcohol and Caffeine:

Some people experience migraine after having caffeine or alcohol, on the other side some says having a cup of coffee gives some relief. Red wine and other alcohol are also likely to trigger migraine. However some people argue that there is no between migraines and red wine. It is always better to know your symptoms and control over those things.


For many people dehydration is a trigger. Dehydration affects the whole body and can impact on people having migraine.

Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day, make habit to keep water bottle always with you.


There are some environmental and whether related issues which may trigger migraine such a weather change, excessive heat, high barometric pressure, humidity, exposure to glare, noises etc. If such condition is not favorable with you, adjust your schedule accordingly.

Seating for a long period in front computer may also cause problems if you have migraine history. Using antiglare screen or lens and proper lighting inside the room can help you.


Bottom line:

Migraine may carry severe pain in life but if you take proper measure, you may have control over it .Many people having migraine, still enjoying their life and work. Some vitamins, minerals and herbs works well for many, you can know about it here.

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