Yoga of Freedom

Salutations to that all-pervading one Consciousness that shines all, Salutations to that infinite ocean of Bliss! Out of the darkness to the light: Beyond the perception of the mind through limited senses of humans.

Knower of the Self-Knower of the field. Peacefulness-Blissfulness 

The Art of Living: Rising like lotus: Grow in mud but untouched by mud and water. Ending Fear, hate, violence, jealousy, restlessness and tiny ego with love, peace, bliss, deep satisfaction, fulfilment and fearlessness. 

Yoga of Freedom

What does this site talk about?

 What are you; are you the ever-transient mind-body complex? Why do you exist here? Your birth is a random activity, or due to a reason. Can the universe run on random activity? What are you acting on here? What is a human life meant to be?
The monster of primal ignorance is that we always go with the objects, we don’t go with the subject-the Self. If it is not known, it is not unknown also. But clearly one can’t know the ultimate reality with limited sense organs of human beings, but with the use of knowledge, intelligence & systematic enquiry (Jñana yoga).   let’s talk. 
Yoga of Freedom as the way of viewing-the vison-not based on blind belief.

Self-enquiry-Self Realization

Exploration of the unchanging mystical true self & mystery of life. Have to go beyond mind-body or senses with a special kind of enquiry. 

Freedom from Suffering

Why do I suffer; unmasking the deepest truth; how can I end this? Transcendence of Suffering. 


Fear of uncertainty, fear of death; how can I overcome? Does  the self really need to fear?

Karma -Right Action

Success, Material Wealth, Fame and Power can’t save you from inside suffering  Success or failure is part of life, comes & goes. What action can give freedom? Peace of mind? Untouched by win or loss, not disturbed by happiness or sorrow.

Stillness of the Mind: You can’t be mindful forcefully for a long time.

People talk confident about the mind but find it hard to do five minutes of meditation. Why so? The nature of the mind is unstable, conditioned to be outward. How to make it stable? Rising above all the psychological conditioning.


It’s the energy to perform the right action. Where does the energy leak from? How can you channel your energy in the right direction? You need good foods & nutrition to your body to carry your right action.  

Who am I?

Today human beings are living with most of the physical comfort, living in air-conditioned room, moving with luxury vehicle, sleeping in comfortable bed-but all sorts of restlessness, frustration, anxiety and fear in the mind. A question is raised-are we on the wrong path? Fact is no emperor, no famous one, no billionaire, no externally attractive one or sense indulgences can have deep satisfaction, fulfilment, and peace in life without awakening from the inside to the true nature of the higher Self.

The preparator of the teaching is known by the name Bikramjit Konwar, a Vedantin, who previously studied Engineering, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Autophagy, Health & Wellness Coaching, Western Philosophy, Positive Psychology, and Careers & Passion of humans in search of

  • What really, I am beyond this mind-body complex?
  • Why do I exist here? Where do I have come from? Where am I going?
  • What should be my action here, how can I contact the external world? How can I end the game of suffering and fear, fear of uncertainty, fear of death? How can I remain unshakable with the changes of this world?

Following the way of Vedanta for how to achieve Monk-like deep satisfaction, bliss, peace & fulfilment, and freedom from the burden of fear & suffering in household living. is the core of this vision. It is a mission to spread the light upon the darkness of ignorance and establish righteousness living with joy of fulfilment, love, peace, harmony and non-violence.

Yoga of Freedom

The Art of Living (The Fundamentals): Courses

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